Jan 15, 2010

Chinese Calligraphy Tattoo: Question of Styles

Chinese tattoos have become the fashion icon for today’s trend followers. Everyone is openly showing off their Asian symbols.
Have you noticed that even celebrities have eagerly embraced Chinese tattoo in various styles. One of the most stunning styles is definitely calligraphy.

Chinese Tattoos, Calligraphy Styles, David Beckham

Before the Beijing Olympics, David Beckham had a Chinese tattoo in calligraphy script. It consists of eight characters (words) in cursive calligraphy (grass style). This is a popular phrase or saying, which is written from top to bottom. It says, “life and death have determined appointments; riches and honors depend up heaven.” This etching started a worldwide infatuation with Asian writing. More people are now looking for Chinese style tattoo in calligraphy.

Chinese Tattoo Designs, Calligraphy Writing, Problems

Calligraphy is beautiful writing. It is highly respected by people in Asia. The beauty and ingenuity of Chinese calligraphy make them ideal for tattoo designs. Many people like Asian symbols because they look cool and classic. However, due to cultural and language differences, Chinese writing presents some problems for its admirers. These include the complexity in style, text layout, translation, and tattoo meanings. More than that, it is hard to find the right Asian words designer.

Chinese Tattoos, Sexy Asian Calligraphy, Fashion

Chinese tattoo finds loyal supporters everywhere. Many people are charmed by the mysterious look of calligraphy. Asian tattoos look sexy and ultra chic. They go well with any fashion style. Whether you are in casual clothing or evening gown, these Asian words will bring out the beauty in you. Some say these Chinese calligraphy designs are not only modern but so different from English writing and lettering.

If you are planning to get a Chinese tattoo, make sure you do sufficient research. Don't rely on online translation, informal help or free downloads. Talk to a Chinese specialist. This ensures that you get the best designs with the correct tattoo meanings. Talk to Ngan Siu Mui, top Chinese expert.

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